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Shave Dad’s mission is about bringing vendors, artisans, content creators, and the shaving community, as a whole, together. We cater to both beginner wet shavers and those who are already established in the community. Moving forward, we plan to take our brand to the next level by offering a select few products while continuing to collaborate with artisans to promote their products and raise awareness. This not only benefits the artisans but also strengthens our community by showcasing the best products and sharing knowledge among our members in a lifestyle we all enjoy.

See our group rules before you join: https://shavedad.com/shave-dad-group-rules/

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Jerry P. A.K.A Shave Dad


About Shave Dad

Jerry P.

Jerry P.

Shave Dad

Born in 1959, Shave Dad started wet shaving in 1977 with the use of a 1959 Gillette Fatboy that was given to him by his father. Today, Jerry dedicates most of his time to nurturing the wet shaving tradition and community. Jerry has accumulated an extensive wet shaving collection over the years. His expertise has been honed in by spending time analyzing and researching double-edge razors (his preferred type of razor for shaving) as well as a variety of shaving products.




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