Shave Dad Group Rules

The Shave Dad Group on FaceBook is arguably the cleanest, safest, and most active group for wet shavers worldwide. We keep a tight ship and have a low tolerance for disrespect, rule-breakers, and drama. Here are the rules that we enforce daily. Our members are highly involved in ensuring the content and quality of posts and discussions are within the lines of our rules.

I want to thank our group members for following the rules and keeping our group in top condition!

The Rules

  1. YouTube channels dedicated to wet shaving and shaving, in general, may post links in the group, it’s encouraged.
  2. Soap Artisans may post promotional content for new products and links to business websites.
  3. Shaving supply retailers, both online and brick-and-mortar, may post promotional content and links to their business websites.
  4. Brush artisans may post promotional content and links to business websites/sales channels (i.e. Etsy, eBay, etc.)
  5. Group giveaways and posts for fundraisers and personal (i.e. GoFundMe) donations must be approved by the group Admin. No outside giveaways of any kind are allowed to be posted unless approved by the Admin.
  6. Links to other groups or personal pages are not allowed unless pre-approved for a community fundraiser or collaboration.
  7. All posts must be shaving-related: for example shave of the days, reviews, and questions to name a few. Posts unrelated to shaving may be allowed with prior approval: for example, we are open to hobbies, pets, and community-building/family posts. Please contact the Admin for approval. We will be bringing interesting topics to the page such as men’s health issues, skin care, diet, and exercise.
  8. Under any circumstances DO NOT post anything political, disrespectful, distasteful, personal bashing, or drama-encouraging content and comments. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on this and you will be removed from the group. If you have a problem, contact the Admin to determine the proper resolution.
  9. No personal item sales or trading posts are allowed. Please use the Flea Market post to list items.
  10. Shave Dad is a trademarked and copyrighted brand. Use of the name and logo is strictly prohibited without written permission.
  11. We strive to be fair to all members. Please follow all the rules.

If any rule is unclear to you, always contact the Admin to get guidance and information.

We appreciate all of our members and thank you for making the Shave Dad group the best group for wet shavers!

Stay tuned for more projects and initiatives from Shave Dad! Don’t forget to join if you’re not a member; all are welcome!

Link to the Shave Dad Group:

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