Today, I’ll be focusing on the Dovo Primo, the newest release from Dovo Solingen

Hi everyone, I’m André, the Brazilian shaver, also known as Barba Tradicional, and by the way, a Dovo superfan! Today, I’m excited to showcase the Dovo Primo, which is the newest safety razor. We all know from the past, of course, Dovo and Mühle by then they were together and they were producing some razors. But now it’s Dovo and Dovo only, and they are bringing the Dovo Primo. It’s a very beautiful razor. I have recently been at the Dovo manufacturing site and I saw the effort that they put into it. It’s been over two and a half years in the making, prototyping, producing, and getting to the perfect iteration, which is this one. When I say perfect, I mean perfect because I saw some prototypes that, to my eyes, were perfect, and to theirs, they were not. They are only satisfied when it’s absolutely perfect, and that’s this version here! So, I’m really thrilled and excited to showcase and test it for you. 

It’s my first time using it, but I’ve heard that it is on the efficient side, not compromising comfort, but it is not a mild shaver, as I heard. But let’s see. It comes in this beautiful new packaging, a new identity from Dovo. It is cardboard. You open it up, and here sits the razor and a pack of Dovo blades, which, by the way, I’m going to be using today. Just slide to pick a blade, and then you have your blade right here. It is a three-piece razor, so we can go ahead and load the razor with the blade. I’m going to test it with a Dovo razor blade. So, let’s just go for it. Just pop it in, you put the base plate, and then screw it in. So, going with today’s shave, I’m going to use Dovo’s Berlin Barber, made by Ariana Evans. Amazing product, I absolutely love it. That’s the vegan formula, by the way, and I love it. I’m going to pair it up, of course, with my aftershave as well, the Berlin Barber. And for the brush, although I do have a badger brush, I was not in the mood for a badger today. So, I’m going with the Yaqi Sagrada Familia synthetic. So, that’s going to be today’s shave. And as always, I’m going to just lather, shave, and in the end, I’m going to tell my impressions. So, I’m super excited about the shave and to be premiering this absolutely beautiful razor; the Dovo Primo, So, let’s give it a try.

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Dovo Primo
Dovo Primo
Dovo Primo
Dovo Primo

The Dovo Primo Razor

The newest release from Dovo, the Dovo Primo. Absolutely beautiful razor. Well, let’s just get to it, just in a second. Let’s just recap: went double with Dovo, I also used Berlin Barber by Ariana & Evans, that’s the vegan formula. And of course,  the matching aftershave, and Dovo blades. And the only non-Dovo product here is the Yaqi Sagrada Familia synthetic. So, of course, let’s start with the star of the party, which is the Dovo Primo. Absolutely beautiful razor, stunning, as you could have seen while I was shaving. Before talking about the razor and my shave, it was absolutely phenomenal. Honestly, I think it was one of the best shaves I’ve had recently. Absolutely amazing. I like the knurling. I think it’s very beautiful, very elegant. The knurling, though, is not that deep, I didn’t feel any discomfort or any trouble while trying to hold the razor. It did hold it in place, although the knurling was not that intense. I mean, it’s very superficial, if I can say, but I could hold the razor, no problem. And it did a good job. The handle, I think the width and the heft of the razor to me was almost perfect. I do like a slightly shorter handle, but I mean, this one is not too big or not too long or anything. It also sits well in my hand, in my little finger here. And the balance, to me, it was really-really good. They did a great job. 

This is not the traditional mild razor that we’ll see. It is slightly more efficient, though it doesn’t lose in comfort. It was, to me, very, very comfortable, but it was very efficient. It did have some blade feel, it was kind of the perfect balance. Sometimes I have some razors that have a little bit more blade feel, which I also like, but that had some blade feel and effectiveness. And it didn’t compromise the comfort at all. So, I do see this as a razor for all people, like beginners or first-time wet shavers or simply to grow your collection. I think that it’s a very, very nice razor and efficient. And yeah, I don’t see anyone having any problem with it.

Also, I would say that if you think that the razor is too aggressive or too mild, I mean, not this one in particular, but just go ahead and play with your blades. If you have a razor that, to you, is too aggressive, just dial down, put another blade, and then tweak your angle a little bit, and then you get a milder shave. And if you feel that a razor is not doing the job for you, just pop in a rather more aggressive blade, sharper blade, and work also on your angle and you’ll see it’s a completely different razor. But this one in particular, of course, I’ll try with other blades, but I do feel that it might play with a good spectrum of blades from the most aggressive or effective towards the mildest blades. So, I’ll give it a try on my next shave. 

But absolutely, I love this razor. So, congratulations to Dovo. I think the two and a half years paid off and I see many people grabbing one of these because they’re beautiful, they’re efficient, they are of impeccable quality, and that’s all that we look for in a razor. 


The Soap

Moving forward with the shave, these guys (the products used) were absolutely amazing. The Berlin Barber is actually the vegan formula from Ariana Evans and, I mean to me, if I didn’t know I wouldn’t have thought of that. I think you could see the amount of lather and the thickness and you know the creaminess of the lather, it was absolutely phenomenal. I think that’s what I don’t think, I mean I don’t get such results even with other tallow-based soaps or other brands. Ariana Evans, this one is absolutely phenomenal, and yeah, paired up well and the scent is just amazing. 

The Blade and Brush

The blade did a great job as well, I think it was a good combination of blade and razor. I’m gonna try, of course, to continue using this blade in other razors and also see how it behaves but it was rather good. Also, you all know how much I like synthetic brushes and I do think Yaqi makes very good brushes and all, so that was today’s shave. 

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed it and if you’re considering getting one of these just go to or I mean in the future other of course retailers and stores will be carrying that and well just go ahead and grab one. In the meantime, let me know in the video comments what you think and also suggestions for new videos, content, and questions. 

Let’s continue in the video comment section and I’ll see you next time. 

Thank you.

The Dovo Primo is available at The Wet Shaving Store. You can also purchase it here directly on the Shave Dad website! We recommend purchasing this item here or at The Wet Shaving Store! – Shave Dad

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