Gentlemen, you know the procedure so let’s get into it 😉(shaving)!

Shave Setup

Prep: Luke Warm Water Face Wash
Pre Shave: None
Razor:  Leaf Twig Mercury Colour
Blade: Gillette’s Sp Black (new old stock)
Brush: West Coast Shaving Brush Black
Soap: Commando by Strike Gold for Shave Dad
Shaving Bowl: None
Post Shave: Doctor Plus Alum & Black Sea After Shave Splash
Nosegasm: CH Men Privee (Carolina Herrera) 

Razor: Leaf Twig Mercury Colour 

Weight: 2.5 oz about 69  grams
Length: 102mm (about 4 inches), head closed
Materials: Zinc Alloy
Blade: Half double-edge blades
Blade Loading: Twist-to-open, Magnetic Head Base

Price: ~ $59

Well for starters, it’s a balanced single-edge razor, that uses a half double-edge blade so more saving, though you have to rinse more often. This razor is good for beginners as well as veterans in wet shaving; it’s those who shave every day or every other day. It’s also good for those who have a dense and coarse beard like me. Additionally, people who like to trim, style, or shape their beard and mustache will enjoy this razor a lot.

The blade loading and clamping are good and hold the blade nicely. The shaving angle is intuitive and having a small head gets into those tricky spots easily. Shaving-wise, I would say it’s more efficient than the Merkur 34c and offers precise cuts. If you like, you can bump up the efficiency by using a sharper blade like a Feather, Russian Perma Sharp Gillette’s, Black, Nacets, etc. I prefer these over the blades that come with the razor (personal preference). Otherwise, you can opt for the Thorn which is a bit more efficient/aggressive sibling of the Twig. For me, this is a good daily shaver with a maximum of 2 days of growth as my beard is dense and mildly coarse. It can take even a week’s growth but that might be a bit hectic and take several passes. The Leaf Twig comes in nice solid packaging and is good for your travel or home shaves.


Soap: Commando by Strike Gold, Shave Dad, and The Wet Shaving Store

Shave Dad’s collaboration with several artisans has been phenomenal and all their soaps have been hot sellers this is no different at all as Jerry from Shave Dad himself is deeply involved in the whole process and Andy (from The Wet Shaving Store) into its distribution, in my honest opinion, every soap they release is like a well-curated creative creation.

 The scent is very crisp and clean sorts and notes in this set will have you standin’ at attention. Sandalwood, leather, papyrus, cedar, cardamom, violet, iris, and amber. I can easily say one of the best scents I have used so far. The strength is a tad milder when you open the container but blooms out well when you lather it and mesmerizes you. In my honest opinion, the artisan has used very good quality stuff in the base: essential oils or other ingredients. The lather is creamy and yogurty, the slickness is top-notch, and residual slickness and post-shave feel are excellent, overall a great soap and a must-try!


Brush: West Coast Shaving Brush

Nice brush with soft bristles and has good splay and a decent backbone; this one is unlike a few that hardly have a backbone. The brush feels soft and soft on the face and lathers up well. Water retention is good as well.

A favorite of Sinatra Lennon’s, the price point varies from $18-$22 depending on the sale. People who love face lathering and don’t like that little scrubby feel and those with sensitive skin will surely enjoy it. 

Blade: Gillette’s Super Platinum Black New Old Stock 

This is one of my favorite blades; it’s sharp and equally smooth at the same time and offers great shaves. The longevity is also good on this one. 

Combo of blade and razor: Overall good shaves throughout with this combo. It took out 5 shaves with a half blade and I shave almost every day.

After Shave: St John’s Black Sea

The scent is a sophisticated blend of masculine notes, reminiscent of the refreshing sea breeze and a hint of spice. The lotion provides an immediate cooling sensation upon application and soothes skin after shaving. It’s a good aftershave and comes at a very reasonable price. This is an Indian-based product that may not be available in the US.

That’s all for now folks! 

Happy Shaving Ladies and Gents! Stay Safe!


Rajat Bajat

Rajat Bajat

Shave Dad Group Expert, Wet Shaving Enthusiast, Expert, and Reviewer