Gentlemen you know the procedure so let’s get into this review of the Timeless Aluminum Razor!

Prep: Lukewarm Water Face Wash
Pre Shave: None
Razor: Timeless Aluminium Razor
Blade:- Feather, Nacet, Gillette 365, Gillette 7′ O Clock Super Platinum Black, & Willys
Brush:- Antica Barberia Aluminium Brush
Soap: Haslinger Honig Honey Soap
Shaving Bowl: None
Post Shave Care: Doctor Plus Alum & COBRA After Shave Splash
Fragrance: Bleu De Chanel
Pre Shave:- None

Razor: Timeless Aluminium Razor

Aluminium Razor Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum, Finished in Clear Anodize.
Weight: 47.5 Grams
Blade Gap: 0.45
Blade Exposure: 0.002″

Purchase with Scalloped Cap for $49
Add a Stand for an Additional $20

You may find it at a lower price with a discount coupon to get this entry-level Timeless Razor; at this price level, it is worth the quality you get.

This entry-level Timeless Razor was surprising being a lightweight baby & aluminium construction didn’t feel or shave like an entry-level razor at all; in fact for the price paid, it feels premium. Shaves are balanced but efficient and you can crank up the aggressiveness a bit more if you use the washer it comes with & open the razor a bit say close to a quarter turn. This is helpful for those trouble spots you want to tackle or shave in general.

The knurling on the handle is pretty good and grippy & one need not worry about wet conditions. I used different blades on different days of growth from 1 to 4 days of growth and this razor performed well, smoothly, and didn’t disappoint (using that quarter turn boosts that efficiency) and was on autopilot with all my favorite blades.

The shaves didn’t feel flimsy at all but were assured at all times of being lightweight and aluminum. The fit, finish, and tolerances are top notch and for $49 this quality razor is not bad at all.

Timeless Aluminum Razor
Timeless Aluminum Razor
Timeless Aluminum Razor
Timeless Aluminum Razor

Soap: Haslinger Honig Honey Soap

Haslinger Honig (Honey) shaving soap effortlessly produces a rich, highly hydrating creamy & cushiony lather. The glide, slickness, residual slickness, and post-shave feel are top-notch. The smell of Honey is subtle but refreshing; not loud or overwhelming and the overall experience is rewarding, which is ideal for us wet shavers. Highly recommend trying one & comes in a variety of scents and flavors; they even produce other items like bathing soap, aftershave balms, and moisturizers.

Haslinger shaving soap is made in Austria and production dates back to 1890, a family business characterized by their product quality.

Brush: Antica Barberia Mondial

The brush is topped with EcoSilvertip Synthetic Badger – a proprietary Krex synthetic hair. It is very similar in color to the silver badger and its structure is very flexible and soft, creating good lather, splay is good, and backbone is present as well. The Aluminium handle gives it heft and durability(to an extent). It’s an overall nice brush but it’s on the expensive side.

Blades: Feather, Gillette Nacet’s, Gillette 7′ O Clock Super Platinum Black, Gillette 365, Wizamet Super Iridium

This Timeless Aluminum Razor performed well with all & the combinations of my favorites. They all worked well! Combo of blade and razor: Provided overall good shaves throughout.

After Shave: St John’s Cobra

The name Cobra reminds me of Sylvester Stallone’s Movie COBRA. This is a kind of old-school barbershop scent with citrus, slightly floral, powdery, and a hint of woodiness to it. The smell is nice and not too overwhelming; also there is no alcohol blast and doesn’t dry your skin. In fact, it leaves a moisturized feeling on the face as it has some nice ingredients like aloe vera, etc. It comes at a reasonable price too.

That’s all for now folks!

Happy Shaving Ladies and Gents! Stay Safe!

Rajat Bajat

Rajat Bajat

Shave Dad Group Expert, Wet Shaving Enthusiast, Expert, and Reviewer