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Shaving Tips to Improve Your Shave Today

Here are some simple tips you can implement today to help improve the quality of your shave.

  1. Wash your face with warm water before you shave. If you have a physical exfoliator like a facewash with pebbles or micro grit, use it to prepare your face for your shave.
  2. Use a fresh new quality blade for your shave.
  3. Make sure to drive the lather into your whiskers with your shaving brush. Take your time and apply your lather thoroughly.
  4. Aim for a 3-pass shave (no more than 3). Your first pass should be with the grain, the second pass across the grain, and the third pass against the grain.
  5. If you’re unfamiliar with your facial hair growth pattern, take your time to inspect your face and determine what your growth pattern is so you can effectively shave WTG, XTG, and ATG.
  6. Use the stretching and pulling technique to create a small amount of tension on your skin to help your razor get closer to the skin.
  7. After your second pass, use your hands to feel around your face to determine where you may have to do some pick-ups on your third pass. A pick-up is when you perform an additional pass on a specific area of your face to remove residual hair. (A stubborn area)
  8. Apply an aftershave and blam after your shave is complete.

These were some basic shaving tips that you can implement right away and get yourself a better shave. 

Andy Amaya

Andy Amaya

Owner of The Wet Shaving Store, Wet Shaving Enthusiast and Enabler

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