Shave Dad Tip: Hot Towel Treatment

A hot towel treatment is a crucial step in the shaving process. It not only offers a luxurious and relaxing experience, but it also has practical benefits by softening the beard, especially when combined with essential oils or pre-shave oils, soaps, and conditioners. This treatment is advantageous for both the skin and hair as the steam and warmth from the towel help to open up the pores, allowing for better absorption of any skin care products applied. Incorporating a hot towel treatment into your shaving routine is highly beneficial, especially if you are prone to experiencing ingrown hairs. The good news is that you can easily recreate this barbershop treatment at home with minimal equipment. To do so, you will need a hand towel, a microwave or sink, and your preferred pre-shave treatment, such as an essential oil or pre-shave oil, soap, or conditioner. Apply a few drops of your chosen treatment onto the towel, then moisten and heat the towel by either microwaving it for 20 to 40 seconds or running it under hot water from your bathroom sink. Once heated, wrap the towel around your face, ensuring it covers your cheeks, chin, and forehead, while leaving your nose exposed. Take a few moments to relax and meditate while the towel gradually cools down, then remove it and proceed with your shaving routine.

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Shave Dad Hot Towel Treatment